Minga - Social Enterprise Arena

Minga is a platform which aims to develop, support and accelerate the social entrepreneurship arena in Israel. We facilitate and deliver training, incubation and exploration programs across Israel, as well as abroad.

Minga also leads a development center as a platform for partnering with private entrepreneurs and organizations to establish social ventures.

Impact HUB Tel Aviv

Impact HUB Tel Aviv is a  shared working space for entrepreneurs, based at the heart of Tel Aviv. Members describe the HUB as a second home. A place to meet collaborators and gain new perspective, a place to connect with like-minded people, have lunch or take a break, and – let’s not forget – to develop world-changing startups.

The HUB community includes more than 6,000 techies who see it as a source of diverse networking and content events, and a starting point for finding professional leads, co-founders, mentors, customers, exposure and professional consultancy.
Impact HUB Tel Aviv is part of the global Impact HUB chain, now operating 70 HUBs around the world, enabling over 9,000 entrepreneurs worldwide to learn from each other, collaborate and be part of a large scale ecosystem of impact entrepreneurship. This vast dispersion of the network is bridging the physical borders of countries to enable scalability of solutions and innovations aspiring to create a better world for us all.
For more information go to http://the-hub.co.il

TechForGood Rally Accelerator

TechForGood Rally is a unique social tech accelerator which aims to support technological startups addressing social issues in making their quantum leap. Through collaboration with leading experts in various fields, partnerships with some of the largest corporations in the country, and the harnessing of knowledge and resources from all sectors – the 4-month program offers a powerful engine enabling social entrepreneurs make a huge leap forward.

TechForGood Rally is a joint venture together with Tech For Good, which aims to harness the “Startup Nation’s” innovation and expertise to provide effective and scalable solutions for social issues.

For more information go to http://techforgoodrally.com